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NarendraJobs Consultancy

About Us

NarendraJobs has started in 2009 to help Job seekers in getting placed them in organizations based on their skill set . We placed around 13000+ candidates in various organizations all over India by sharing suitable job updates.

We support mainly recruitment services to Semiconductor and VLSI industry based on their needs from Junior levels to director levels. We have tied of with many semiconductor company's in all over India and providing suitable services to them.

As a retained recruiting firm, we ascribe to ethical standards which focus on: professionalism, integrity, competence, objectivity, accuracy, and avoidance of conflicts of interest, confidentiality, loyalty to the client and candidate, equal opportunity, and the public interest. 

We are currently hiring aggressively for the following skill sets in Semiconductor/VLSI and Embedded with experience level 3 to 20 years for India and our client has abroad positions based on candidate interest.


1.DV-SOC/IP Engineers /Lead/Managers/Delivery Manager/Vice President 

2.RTL-FPGA/ASIC Engineers/Lead/Manager//Vice President

3.DFT Engineers /Lead/Managers /Directors/AVP//Vice President

4.PD/STA Engineers -Senior/Lead/Managers//Delivery Manager//Vice President

5.Analog/IC Layout Engineers -Senior/Lead

6.Aanalog/IC circuit Engineers  -Senior/Lead  

7.IO/Memory Layout Engineers   -Senior/Lead

8.Memory Design-Senior/Lead

9.Embedded software-Automotive-Senior/Lead

10.Embedded software -Linux device Drivers and BSP

11. Emulation Engineer

12. High Speed Hardware Board design- 3-10+ years

13. High Speed PCB designers -3-10+

14.FPGA prototyping

15. AMS Verification

16. Physical Verification

17. Post silicon validation-Senior/Lead

18. Synthesis


20.GLS Verification

21. Formal verification

22. STA

23.EMIR etc

For further details we can be reached by email at or Whatsapp 9703388962