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  • Published on November 15

With a lot of companies in the tech sector having layoffs and rumors of upcoming layoffs in the semiconductor industry, Is your company hiring? Is there a position available at your company that if a qualified candidate applies, the initial interview will be set up quickly? Let me know and I will share the job openings.

I found a site that was set up to be a directory of companies that have had layoffs and people who have been laid off. I quickly scanned it and don't see much related to the semiconductor industry. As of right now, there are 789 tech companies with layoffs and 121,413 employees affected. Here is the link to see it all - Layoffs.fyi Tracker


Featured Jobs:

Amkor is hiring a Sr. Director of Sales in San Jose, CA

MACOM is hiring a Senior Principal Design Engineer in Hillsboro Oregon

Ericsson is hiring a Sr. Physical Design Engineer in Austin TX

Lightmatter is hiring a Director of Product Management/Marketing in Mountain View Ca.


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