Many blog posts written by amkor employees during 2022. These blog posts appear on Semiconductor Engineering.

Scott Varga, Sr. Analyst, Digital Marketing at Amkor did a roundup of these posts.

Original Posting below:

The 2022 Year in Review - Amkor Blogs 🔥

2022 was a great year of having our IC packaging, test and design engineers write blogs on Semiconductor Engineering. They included topics such as #3D sensing technologies, materials for #automotive ICs, #semiconductor testing, #thermal characterization, IC package illustrations, and package development to #quality and #reliability solutions.

Amkor Technology, Inc. invites you to take some time and read these informative #blog posts below and share them with your network.

▶ Thin Quad Die Package (QDP) Development –

▶ Thermal Management Implications For Heterogeneous Integrated Packaging –

▶ Wirebond IC Substrates: Challenges Ahead –

▶ Challenges For Achieving Automotive Grade 1/0 Reliability In FCBGA and fcCSP Packages –

▶ The Drive Toward Zero Defects –

▶ Packaging Solutions For Unique Markets -

▶ IC Package Illustrations, From 2D To 3D –

▶ Heterogeneous IC Packaging: Optimizing Performance And Cost –

▶ Thermal Simulation Of DSMBGA And Coupled Thermal-Mechanical Simulation Of Large Body HDFO –

▶ Production Testing Of Discrete Power Products –

▶ The Rise Of Copper Wires In Automotive ICs –

▶ 3D Sensing Package Solutions –